This. Is. Me.

Welcome!!!! This is just an introduction…. my actual blogs are listed under the different tabs (BUSY BEE).

My name is Ashley, I am currently 23 years old, and am an American Teacher. I decided to start a blog in order to keep family and friends updated on my experiences teaching overseas. To many,  the Middle East is vastly unknown, and what people don’t know often scares them. I plan to break down these barriers and connect our worlds one blog at a time.  I also hope all the information I provide  will be helpful for future teachers who are planning on taking the big leap!

Still in America

Still in America

My journey starts in Saudi Arabia, and has no end destination. Sounds fun, right?!?! I hope to travel the world, teach in several countries, and make a lifetime of memories to pass down to my future children so that someday they will have the courage to embrace these kinds of opportunities as well.

Goals while living in Saudi- 1 year plan:

  • Save $15,000
  • Pay off student loans- or come pretty close!
  • Travel to at least 5 countries
  • Go home to the states during the summer and go to Las Vegas with two of my best friends, and visit family in Arizona
  • Visit family and friends in New York, as well as friends in other places if I can
  • Hop on the IPAD and IPHONE bandwagon
  • Meet some amazing people and make  a lifetime of connections

Although I do not have a plan per say, I would like to eventually teach in Turkey and the UAE after Saudi!

I also have “pages” at the top that include helpful links and pictures (for anyone interested in other people’s experiences, laws and regulations,  and required documents for traveling and living in the KSA)

I just recently added a new page: Cassadaga Job Corps: My Journey Home. After nearly 3 years of not posting, I decided to get back on and share my current chapter with my students and colleagues. I hope to use this new page as writing inspirations for my students, and help them to document their journey through our academic and trade program!



21 thoughts on “This. Is. Me.

  1. You are awesome and should inspire many other teachers. I am so happy and proud of you. Let us know when you get free time we would love to have you come and visit. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and focused and you will continue your awesome journey. Love ya lots!

  2. Hello Ash ! loved reading your words…such a young girl.. so ambitious …. i am an engineer, new in Riyadh. working for a company as an engineer.
    Please drop a reply will be waiting for you.

  3. Hi Ashley! Thanks for providing such an informative blog. I am a South African teacher who will soon be working for the same company and found your blog to be of great value. Please drop me an email sometime if you can….

    • Hi ,

      Thank you for the blog, great reading it! I am a South African who will also be working for the same company, kindly drop me an email, so that i can find out more about your experience thus far working for the company.

  4. Hi Ashley! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m leaving for KSA in about a week and will also be working for Al Khaleej somewhere. I’ve taught overseas before but am still feeling a bit nervous about this career, though excited as well. I found your blog to be very helpful and informative so thanks and best of luck to you. -Fae

      • Not much shopping here…everything is very simple as far as that goes… you can get food at Panda, but any food from home (such as American products for me) will be ridiculously expensive.. I haven’t done much shopping here…I’ve invested in diving and traveling. Where are you from? What made you want to come to Saudi?

  5. I’m from Washington state, and I’m 25. I spent six months of last year teaching in the country of Georgia, which was a great experience culturally speaking but the pay was (almost literally) peanuts. I’d like to finish paying off my student loans and start saving. While I was in Georgia I met some other expats who had worked in Saudi so I started considering it as a possibility. Oh, and my brother’s job took him to UAE and a few other Gulf countries some years back so I’ve been interested in the region for awhile. The restrictiveness of KSA and the mixed things I’ve heard about Al Khaleej have me a bit worried. Nevertheless, I’m ready for a change.

    • Oh, and I’m interested in travel as well. I’d love to see the Red Sea and the ruins of Madain Saleh, if at all possible. Diving scares me, but who knows what I’ll be willing to try once I get bored enough!

  6. Hi, intersting to read ur blog. I’m from SriLanka & a primary school teacher .Hope 2 get some advice on applying 4 teaching in other countries like newzealand, as u have experience. I wanna know d qualifications needed . If ur free plz reply.thnx . Tc.

  7. Hello,

    I hope you the best in Saudi and between Saudis,

    I went through your blog, and I actually started laughing when I read Al-Qassem name between the lines, Because my origins are from that town and I understand how people live their life over there, and their culture and the way they think. However, I could assure you that you will find’em quiet humble and nice.
    Funny and amazing how different people from different cultures look at each others prospective or way of life.

    I’ve been living in america the last three years, from Seattle, to Miami and eventually in a town in Pennsylvania close to new York. and trust me, the way i thought about Americans wasn’t the same when i first got here.
    I like being here and i already have my own memories here, but i mess my country very much. Although my home country is not as fun as America, specially on weekends, still it is the closest part of earth to heart.
    am visiting this Ramadan and I can’t wait.

  8. Hey, can any of you guys get into contact with me? I am about to start working with Al Khaleej, and I would like to talk to some former or current employees (or even someone who knows one). My name is Joey and my email is
    Please send me an email, anyone who sees this. Thanks a lot.

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